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My mission is to take high-quality and functional web design and online marketing, and bring it to a wider market. To people who want to be seen, show of what they do, build their audiences. I want to give you a space that allows you to do what you love.


Working driven by a love for the craft, I strive in creating personal and meaningful work that really speaks to your audience. Each website, each detail is created with everyone in mind. Thus creating a piece of work that everyone is proud of.

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My Story.

From my early fascination with technology, where I counted plug sockets in rooms, to my current passion for building websites, my journey has been a progression of curiosity and creativity. Websites serve as my preferred canvas, allowing me to seamlessly blend technical prowess and artistic vision to bring abstract ideas to life. The collaborative process of transforming others' concepts into extraordinary digital experiences fuels my excitement, presenting ongoing challenges and opportunities that contribute to my evolving skill set, encompassing coding intricacies and user experience nuances.

In this dynamic landscape of web development, I find joy in pushing boundaries and exploring innovative technologies. Whether staying attuned to the latest design trends or relishing the artistry of crafting seamless online experiences, each project is an opportunity to create digital narratives that resonate and have a lasting impact. My commitment lies in continuing this journey of merging technology and creativity to deliver exceptional digital solutions for clients and meaningful experiences for users.

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Case Study

Layla's Hair & Beauty.


When Layla's Hair & Beauty sought to enhance its online presence and streamline customer interactions, our creative team embarked on a transformative journey, resulting in a remarkable success story. We focused on simplicity and functionality, resulting in a visually appealing website that effectively showcased the salon's services and staff while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

The integration of a seamless booking system with secure payment options was a key highlight of the project. Tarry Digital's technical prowess ensured that clients could effortlessly book appointments and make payments online, significantly reducing no-shows and optimising the salon's operations. This holistic approach, blending creative design with technical proficiency, played a pivotal role in enhancing Layla's Hair & Beauty's customer experience and overall success.

The refreshed website stands as a testament to our capability to transform a client's digital presence and drive customer engagement, ultimately helping Layla's Hair & Beauty establish a stronger foothold in the competitive beauty industry.

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Case Study

Callum Robey Racing.

Callum Robey Racing Website Home


Callum Robey, a 22-year-old racing driver hailing from Derby, faced the challenge of building sponsorship relationships and expanding his personal brand within the highly competitive motorsports industry.

The key hurdles he encountered were despite his large social media following, there wasn't a place for sponsorship and race information. Without a robust online platform, attracting potential sponsors and providing a detailed and easy sales tunnel proved to be a significant blockage.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive website was created for Callum Robey Racing.

This website was designed to captivate visitors with visually appealing graphics, including high-quality images showcasing Callum's racing journey. It also featured a compelling "About Me" section, enabling visitors to connect with Callum on a personal level.

The website provided detailed information on sponsorship opportunities, benefits, and packages, making it effortless for potential sponsors to grasp the advantages of partnering with Callum. Additionally, social media integration and a user-friendly contact form were incorporated to encourage fan engagement and facilitate communication.

Callum Robey Racing Website Story
Callum Robey Racing Website Sponsorship


The results of the Callum Robey Racing website were transformative. Notably, it significantly amplified Callum's search engine visibility, attracting a broader audience of racing enthusiasts and potential sponsors.

Concurrently, his personal brand experienced substantial growth as the website effectively showcased his talents, dedication, and potential in the racing world. The dedicated sponsorship section of the website generated inquiries from interested sponsors, offering valuable partnership opportunities. Furthermore, the integration of social media fostered fan engagement, leading to a burgeoning fanbase and increased interaction.

In conclusion, the Callum Robey Racing website stands as a compelling case study exemplifying how a well-crafted online presence can empower a young racing driver to cultivate sponsorship relationships, nurture their personal brand, and make strides in the fiercely competitive realm of motorsports.

Explore Callum Robey Racing's dynamic website for thrilling racing updates, sponsorship opportunities, and more!